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How to setup Multiroom in the better way?

To do before:

  • We suggest the ethernet cable connection, at least from the Master group device to the router (if it’s not possible use the 5GHz network as preference)

To do next:

  • Click on the MULTIROOM icon on the top right corner of the User Interface

  • Click on GROUP DEVICES

  • Click on ADD to add the selected device to the group

Note: no Master group volume control available ; it's not possible to create group between devices on different networks

Your music is not perfectly synchronized?

Go to the Multiroom client User interface


  • increase the hardware latency in msec unit, this will delay all the other devices, in the same multiroom group, among the selected client device

  • adjust the buffer size in msec unit (in case your hardware/network connection is not performant). This will delay all the client devices

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