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Why when I cancel my subscription I lose access to my service?

We are aware that this is not the optimal behavior but unfortunately, as of now, we've not found a way to avoid this.
This issue comes from how our payment processor handles the payment and there is no way for us to do otherwise without switching payment provider or introducing some big changes in how our cloud operates.

However, to alleviate the issue, we took some counter-measures:

  • We will notify you, of whatever account you have, before the renewal via email. So, if you don't intend to renew you can cancel ahead of time without being charged.

  • In case you want to restore your functionality, you can contact our customer care which will send you a free coupon to use the subscription you've already paid for

We know that this is not the best way to handle subscriptions, and we are unhappy about that. Unfortunately, due to the technical limitations explained above, that is the best we can do as of now.
We are, anyway, looking for a solution.

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