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Why do the credit metadatas sometimes are not found?

Our metadata engine relies on third-party databases such as MusicBrainz and others. If you don't receive correct metadatas for your tracks, albums etc, it might be for one of the following reasons:

  • The entry is not available in the database we use 

  • The metadata of your tracks might be incorrect (in this case it's worth reviewing if your tracks have proper album, artist and title metadata informations set correctly)

  • You're using UPNP and the UPNP server does not send proper metadata information, in this case we suggest to use Volumio's library browsing facility and not UPNP\DLNA

In any case, we keep on improving our cloud infrastructure to offer better results, so your feedback could be important to further tweak our engine. 

If you have any problem, reporting these informations to can help us improve the system:

  • Problem that you have (missing credits, missing album credits etc)

  • The item affected (please write name of track, album, artist)

  • Which service you are using (files, youtube, tidal etc)

  • A screenshot of the now playing page of Volumio

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