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Which features are included in the Volumio OS built inside Integro?

Integro comes with the full featured Volumio OS, preinstalled on the unit and ready to work.

You find, built-in, the same pro features as the PREMIUM PLAN, for lifetime :

  • Tidal plugin

  • Tidal connect

  • Qobuz plugin

  • Hi-Res Audio plugin

  • Music & Artists credits' discovery

  • CD playback and rip

  • Bluetooth playback input

  • Digital and analog playback inputs

  • Multiroom sync playback

  • Automatic backup and sync

  • Brand new Manifest user interface

  • Play here function

  • Chromecast/Sonos music cast

And also a lot of standard features such :

  • Nas compatibility, with auto-discovery function 

  • Support of all kind of file types such FLAC, Alac, Aac, Vorbis, Mp3, DSD and more

  • UPNP/DLNA Playback

  • Airplay Playback

  • DSD Over PCM support, for non Direct-DSD compatible hardware

  • Integrated WebRadio directories

  • Custom playlist editing and creation

  • Multilanguage menus

  • Image background support

  • Alarm and Sleep function

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