Integro allows different analog and digital input connections:

RCA INPUT-->suggested for unbalanced connections such for a pre-amped turntable or a tuner

S/PDIF Coaxial-->suggested for digital sources such a cd player

S/PDIF Optical Toslink-->suggested for digital sources such a Smart TV

Bluetooth input APTX/APTX LL-->suggested for hi-res bluetooth connections such for smartphone or DAP

MicroSD card slot-->to expand the internal memory and add music files in local

USB input-->suggested for hi-res sources such an external digital player or PC platform

Integro provides:

  • a SUB OUT coaxial connection, for powered subwoofers.

  • A internal DAC, converting up to up to 192kHz with 24bit resolution and an integrated AMP with output power 2x50W RMS with 8 Ohm load, 2x70W RMS with 4 Ohm load.

  • A headphone amplifier with output power 2x300mW RMS with 64Ohm load, 2x480mW with 32Ohm load.