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What audio sources can I add to Volumio?

  • NAS drive shares (CIFS & NFS) are easily mounted and scanned by Volumio for audio content.

  • USB hard drives, USB sticks, and use the free space on your SD card for extra or mobile storage.

  • There are lots of built-in internet web radio streams available, and you can also add your own.

  • Airplay connection could be a source for Apple devices

  • DLNA/UpnP is an out-of-the-box option to stream music in hi-res from an external source, using Volumio device as renderer.


You can add your own account of Tidal/Qobuz/ streaming platforms

You can connect an external digital source via USB port (such digital turntable or CD drive)

You can stream a Bluetooth source

For everyone: Many 3rd party plugins such Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube and many more are available for free in the PLUGINS section.

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