The installation steps for PC based systems are different compared to other platforms (RPI, Tinkerboard)

Follow these steps to install Volumio on your PC.

Remember that Volumio is a stand-alone OS, all the HDD contents will be overwritten.

  • Flash the x86/x64 IMG, you find here, on a USB KEY using Balena Etcher software

  • Insert the USB KEY in the USB port of the PC

  • Boot the PC from the USB KEY

  • It will start the Volumio First Config Wizard

  • Once done, Go to SETTINGS-->SYSTEM-->INSTALL TO DISK, you will transfer the OS from the USB KEY to the internal HDD

  • From now everytime you boot the PC from the default unit, Volumio will start as first OS

Please note: it is possible to boot Volumio everytime from USB KEY, but the performances will substantially decrease