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How to connect your headphones to Motivo

To connect your headphones to your new Volumio device, Motivo, follow these steps:

Open Your Volumio App: Launch the Volumio app on your smartphone or tablet.
Tap on "Playback Option" in the top menu bar.

General Playback option: Within the Playback section, you'll find the "Output Device" option. Tap on it to activate “Analog + 12S + Headphones output”

Connect Your Headphones!
Motivo offers a choice of two 6.3mm headphone output sockets on its rear panel. The left headphone output is optimized to drive low-impedance headphones, the right output is optimized for high-impedance headphones.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one set of headphones should be connected at any time. 

Start Playback: Once your headphones are connected, start playing music from your smartphone or tablet using Volumio.

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